YTN Episode 004

The 4th episode of Your Turn Next has just gone live!

Join the YTN team and a special guest as we wrap up the playtest discussion using the Forming First-Rate Feedback blog post from June 19th and then discuss world building in games, books, and movies.

Let us know in the comments or via email if you have any topics, questions, or ideas you’d like us to discuss in a future podcast. The email address is:

And if you’re looking for links to some of the things we discussed this episode, here’s where to find more about:

One thought on “YTN Episode 004

  1. Personally, I love the Shadowrun Setting (mostly the 2060 one) because of it’s relationship to the real world, which for me really eases the creative process b/c I can make the world more believable by just looking at how the world works. Best tales are written by life anyway.
    I also hated the idea of the Kaiju Wall. It totally sounds like a thing unflexible, cowardly governments would do, but yeah… fuck the Kaiju Wall. Didn’t even work.

    I also love to do world building, because I think that answering the “Why’s” of any setting/scenario you’re doing is important – when that smart-ass player comes up and and starts prodding it for holes.

    I once asked my prospective player to tell me what kind of character they’ve always wanted to play, and the went build a whole world & campaign (Lvl 1 all the way to 21) around those characters. Sadly, it never got played.

    I also think it’s cool to make up worlds of any size just going on one phrase you find exciting, and contemplating all the consequences it might have. Two of my own examples are a quote from Drag-on Dragoon (1): “Welcome to a world without song”; and the combination of two thoughts: “Dekapolis (ten cities)” and “what if humans didn’t actually belong in this world”.

    Really enjoyed the episode, guess it was easy to tell.


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